The Farm and Winery Azienda Agricola Rotola is located in the territory of Ceppaloni, not far from Benevento, in an area of the middle Valley of the river Sabato, from which Azienda Agricola Rotola takes its name.

After the passing of different generations dating back to the late XIX century, as well as various divisions and incorporations, Azienda Agricola Rotola extends today on 12 hectares of land.

The main activity of Azienda Agricola Rotola has always been viticulture: the best pieces of land have been devoted to this activity, especially the ones up on the hill, where are located beautiful vineyards characterized by the typical vines of this area, the memory of which – as it is documented – dates back to the beginning of the year 1000.
Until the end of the ’60s, the yearly wine production of Azienda Agricola Rotola reached almost 500 hl, a quantity completely absorbed by the market in the coastal areas of Campania and in particular by the cities of Naples, Salerno and Caserta.
Today, it is still alive the memory of the carts, drawn by donkeys or mules, used to transport wine up to the road, and the memory of the sale, accompanied by a festive banquet, in which took part the producers and buyers with the consumption of typical dishes (pasta and beans with pork rind, pasta with sausages, aged pecorino cheese kept for the special occasion), everything accompanied by the good wines.
Over the years, it recurs as an echo, an affirmation which was common at that time:
U vin’ a Rotola u sann’ fa” (in local dialect: “They can produce marvellous wines in Rotola”).
Although in the last twenty years a partial abandonment of viticulture has prevailed, Azienda Agricola Rotola has recovered the beautiful pieces of land, which still house part of those ancient vineyards, in virtue of a return to an old and happy memory.
The main objective is to safeguard the beauty of the landscape, making sure that the vineyards will continue to give – today as yesterday – Excellent Quality Grapes for Special Wines.

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